The secret project & some blog updates / Un proiect secret & cateva info despre blog

It’s been a long, long, long … time since I have written something. I have some news and I would also like to answer some questions.


The truth is, after I have released my Maya pattern, life got in the way. Then I started thinking and ran in so many directions that I lost myself. At some point I stopped and said „this is my number one priority”. And from that moment, I started working on my secret project.

It’s not ready yet. But I feel I have to share it with you. Guys, I have been working on a brand new website – AFI Atelier!
AFI Atelier

What does this mean:

  • basically, I’m splitting my blog in two blogs; this one will remain for my Romanian readers; the new one will be in English for my international readers;
  • there will be no more posts until the international website is up and running; and of course, new English articles will be posted there;
  • at some point, this current blog will become unavailable, since I’ll be moving the English content from it;

I’ve setup a welcome page on AFI Atelier where you can subscribe for an email notification when the site launches.
Also, if you want to see what I’m sewing in the little time I have left, come and see my Facebook page.

Some of you may ask „oh, how much does it take to setup a website”. Yes it’s taking me longer than I wanted. I’m a bit disappointed, I’ll admit. But on the other hand, all of this is done in my free time. But I’m working hard to get it finished! I hope you’ll like it.


I get a lot of emails with questions about Maya sizes and instructions. I made a list with them and the answers.

Q: Will I finish Maya bra sewing instructions?
A: Yes. After my website is up and running, I will start writing new chapters.

Q: Will I draft new Maya bra pattern sizes?
A: Yes, but only after the new website is up and running.

Q: Will I release the Maya panties pattern?
A: Yes, but also after the new website is ready.

Q: Will I draft new patterns?
A: No plans at the moment. I really want to launch my new website, finish Maya sewing instructions and draft the requested sizes.

Q: When is AFI Atelier launching?
A: I do not have an answer for this. I hope it will be this summer 🙂

Do you, readers, have other questions?

12 comentarii

  1. Ana, sa ai spor, cu rabdare le vei face pe toate :). Inteleg ca tiparul de chilot Maya va fi diferit de cel pe care-l ai deja pe site?

    1. Ms, Rosita! Pe site este tipar chilot simplu. Chilotii Maya sunt un pic diferiti. Parca este o postare cu modelul.

  2. Wish you success! 🙂 I did try to subscribe to Your new website, but did not recieve confirmation letter (in; checked all my folders). Thought I should let You know! Minor site hiccup maybe? 😀

  3. Ma bucur ca ai revenit ! Mi ai putea spune unde as putea gasi in Iasi hartia speciala pentru tipare (aceea transparenta) ?Sa fie alt mod de a copia tiparul din Burda ?

    1. Roxana, nu stiu hartie speciala pt tipare, pt k eu nu folosesc. Dar iti pot spune ca la Egros din Baza 3, in buticurile cu papetarie poti sa gasesti tot felul de coli. Eu am luata coli mari albe foarte subtiri. Si cred k ar fi potrivite si pentru copiat tipare 🙂

  4. Felicitari pentru blog! cu ajutorul tau am inceput in sfarsit sa imi pot realiza singura cate ceva, pana acum trebuia sa apelez la Croitorie Bucuresti.
    Keep it cool!

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