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  1. Hi Ana,
    I’ve managed to download to download UK 32D but really wanted DD and E as I’m struggling to know what size will actually fit and my left breast is a cup size larger than the right so I’ll need 2 sizes anyway. Would you please email me the other sizes?
    Thank you

    1. Hi, Karen. UK 32E is also available. The missing one is 32dd. I’ll let you know when it’s ready 🙂

  2. I’m a US 32DD…don’t know if that’s gonna be the same as a UK 32DD? I know I generally don’t fit into US32E.

    1. Andrea, you should sew a cup for each US32E and Us32D. Just the cup, see which one is better fitting. There is also another method, you could measure as I described on my site. Are you a particular shape? Omega?

  3. hi there, id like to download eu 80aa / uk 36aa but its not available, can u help me? thank you! 🙂

    1. Hello, Ceci! Ok, I added this size to my drafting list. Please check back on this page next week.

  4. Ana, noi folosim in Europa alt sistem de sarme. Tu dai numai masurile americane. Im i pa=re rau ca masurile nu apar ca in tabel, dar il gasesti aci:
    Daca nu merge linkul, pe situ lingeriestoffen.nl, sub BH-beugels si apoi ‘BH beugels asymmetrisch basis”.
    Masurile care se dau sunt lungimea sarmei si diametrul.
    Prin table american se poate gasi masura, dar este oricum mai complicat.

    In rest te felicit din inima pentru succesul tau international, bine meritat. Ti-am prezis ca asa o sa fie. Carmen

    artikelnummer beugellengte doorsnede
    B14/165 * 16,5 9,8
    B14/183 60B 65A 70AA 18,3 10,5
    B14/192 65B 70A 75AA 19,2 11,0
    B14/201 65C 70B 75A 20,1 11,3
    B14/210 70C 75B 80A 85AA 21,0 12,0
    B14/219 70D 75C 80B 85A 90A 21,9 12,5
    B14/228 * 22,8 13,0
    B14/237 70DD 75D 80C 85B 90AA 95AA 23,7 13,5
    B14/246 75DD/E 80D 85C 90B 95A 100AA 24,6 14,0
    B14/255 * 24,5 14,5
    B14/264 80E 85D 90C 95B 100A 105AA 26,4 15,0
    B14/273 * 27,3 15,3
    B14/282 * 28,2 15,8
    B14/291 * 29,1 16,0
    B14/300 90E 95D 100C 105B 110A 30,0
    B14/309 95E 100DD 105C 110B 115A 30,9
    B14/318 100E 102D 110C 115B 31,8 17,5
    B14/327 105E 110D 115C 32,7
    B14/336 * 33,6

    1. Carmen, nu cred ca inteleg la ce te referi. De fapt, peste tot se da lungimea si diametrul sarmei, dar mie mi se pare mai usor, ai sarma care iti vine, aplici pe diagrama, vezi ce marime e pe diagrama, calculezi marimea la sutien, si gata. Lungimea sarmei nu e o variabila exacta, adica nu te poti baza pe ea. Diametrul insa, da 🙂 Dar ai dreptate, s-ar putea sa nu prea coincida sistemul american cu cel european. O sa ma uit sapt viitoare pe link, acum trebuie sa ma odihnesc, si nici nu descifrez prea bine limba de pe site 😀 PS: Merci!

      1. Susan, please try again. I did a test on my computer and both PDFs open ok. My computer runs Windows OS. The only thing that comes to my mind is for you to try on a different computer. Or maybe you have an old version of Adobe Reader?

  5. I can’t believe how many sizes you are offering this pattern in! You have taken on so much work. I love how rounded the cups are and the lower cut on the top cup piece, which is hard to find in larger bust sizes. So excited to make it up in lace. Thank you for all the time you put into it and for offering it free.

  6. Thank you so much for the patterns! You were so unbelievably quick as well. I’ll be be sure to post pics when I’m done and add links to your page. Again thank you.

    1. Yes, check back in a few days. It’s not drafted yet, so I’ll have to draft it 🙂

    1. Hello, Vicki. No, I do not have a bra pattern that closes in front. I think, it’s quite easy to adapt Maya to close in front, if you have a relatively wide bridge 🙂

  7. I have followed the instructions down to #11 but the links for #11 – #14 don’t seem to work. Is there a secret to seeing the rest of the instructions?

    1. Debbie, hello! There is no secret. I have not written those chapters yet. They’ll become available the moment I post new articles for each one 🙂

      1. Hi, Just wondering if steps #11 – #14 are available yet?
        I’ve been following them right up until then but don’t feel I can go any further without the stages!
        Thanks 🙂

  8. Morning, I was wondering if you managed to do the pattern for UK36G and UK 36GG – Heather

    1. Heather, no I did not have a chance to sit on my computer and draft it 😦 But I did not forget about it 🙂

  9. Hi, I would like to know if US 34aa could be made available? Also, will aaa sizes become available in the future? I believe that’s my true size 🙂

    1. Hello, yes, if you need a 34aa, i can draft it. The „aaa” sizes will not be available for Maya. For other bra patterns, I’ll think about 🙂

      1. Awesome! Thank you so much. I’ll look for it to be added to the links! 🙂

      2. Hi, I was just wondering if the 34AA will be available soon 🙂 I’m so very eager to make this bra…

      3. Hello, I also would love to make a 34AA………..
        Is it available yet???


    1. Hello, Rosemary! That size is available. You have to click on the „Letter” or „A4” cell in the column with your size. Not the „UK 36C”

  10. WoW i am so exciting to make you bra… I have download it in two sizes. One for my daughter and one for me..
    First I most go buy the supplies, but than I am going to make it… Your explanation is very good to understand. Hope that the rest capture will come soon… You did a great job… Thank you so much for the patterns and for your time to do this.. You make a lot of people very happy.

  11. Hi Ana,
    I have download EU95C but I prefer to try the EU 95B but it’s not available …
    Would you please email me this size? A4
    Thank you


    1. Marjolaine, I have to draft it first. I put a bookmark on your request. When the pattern is ready, it will be uploaded on my page. Please, check back in a while 🙂

  12. I love this pattern! I was wondering when US 42K size might be available?

  13. Hi, I have a struggle. I am 34K in UK sizing and cannot find the pattern in this size at any website. Also, will be 34K available anytime soon? Thanks for reply.

    1. Hello, Jitka! The biggest size for 34 band, in UK sizing I offer is 34H. I would advice you to measure you as I explain in my instructions. Maybe you could use a sister size: use the right cup, and adjust the band a bit.

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  15. I can not open the next pages:
    11. Sew band elastics
    Prepare straps
    Determine bra elastic’s length
    First stitch to attache bra bottom elastic
    First stitches to attache bra underarm elastics
    Before making the final stitch on elastics
    Final elastic stitches
    12. Channels and under-wires
    13.Bra closure and furnishes
    14. Some analysis and conclusions

    Can you help me with that.xoxo

  16. Hello. Can you please add a US size 46L? That’s my size and it’s very difficult to find a bra in that size, let alone a pattern that even comes close. If you could add this I would owe you a million thanks!

    1. Hello, this size is beyond my size range. For Maya pattern I don’t think I’ll add this size.

  17. Thanx for this pattern, I made my first bra and with a minor alternation it fits so well. I’ m just wearing it right now 🙂 and I’m planning few more 🙂

    1. Hello, it’s not drafted yet. Would you try to sew a sister size? A US 44AA (EU100AA). You’ll have to keep the cradle and the cups as they are. But shorten a bit the back wings

    1. Hello, UK 38GG is available. You have to click on „A4” or „Letter”. Do not click the size label 🙂

  18. Thank you so much for this pattern, you´re very generous! I just downloaded a EU 85 B, but normally I need a EU 90 A. Could I get this too, please?

  19. Hello from beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada:) I have been trying to find a bra that fits for years and I recently started trying to a sew my own. I’ve tried several patterns and even tried drafting my own. It was so frustrating because nothing seems to fit properly. I was about to give up until I came upon your pattern. It’s fantastic and very simple to make. Thank you so much for coming up with this pattern and for not charging for it. You are very talented!:)

  20. Thank you so much for taking the time to draft all these bra sizes! You are very talented and also very generous in offering the pattern for free. I am excited to try making my first bra!!

  21. Thank you so much for the pattern! You have been so generous. I will be giving it a try once I manage to find some underwires.

  22. I’m looking for a 44B (US), with a wide band in the back. I have lost 50 pounds, and have not found anything that works properly–the band always rises up, so there’s no support. It doesn’t seem like a B cup would need very much support. I assume that it is because of all the weight I lost.

    1. Hello, most common issue with rising back is because the band is too large.

  23. I am looking forward to trying this pattern! Thank you so much for your hard work creating all these sizes. I hate to add to your list, and I will try to adjust my own, but if you ever add US 36K, I would be eternally grateful!

    1. Hello, Cassie! I think Us 36K is available. You have to click „A4” or „Letter” cell to download it. Don’t click the size label.

  24. Hi, thank you so much for this free bra pattern! I’m having a little trouble understanding the size charts as I only know inches! Also m wondering about cup size? I am a D cup in ready to wear but I didn’t see a D cup on the chart! Please advise?

  25. Hi! Love the pattern. Just wondering when the remaining sewing steps will be added to the website? can’t wait to make this!

  26. Hi there, greetings from Dallas, Texas! Thank you so much for making this available – love the cut. I have ordered supplies to get started with bra making and plan on using your pattern to work with – I’ll report back on fit. I am a pretty standard RTW 34D nothing out of the ordinary, usually have no problems with off the rack purchases. All that to say that my data point will give you an idea of how it fits the norm for that size – if there is one. I do however need a 30C to try with my daughter – I clicked on the chart and saw that it was not yet available. When you have the opportunity to add it I would be so grateful to try it.

      1. Thank you, but no worries on getting it done quickly. Just when you can get to it. You should consider putting up a paypal donation button for those of us who would like to buy you a coffee in thanks!

        Sandy 🙂

  27. Hi,
    Love this pattern and cant wait to make it! Any chance you could send a pattern for a 32 F or 32G. Im in between sizes and either would be perfect. Id be so greatful
    Thanks so much


      1. Hi
        Ive been trying to download this but nothing open when I click on letter or a4?
        Do you know what the problem is?


      2. Lou, for me US32F and US32G work fine. The link takes you to a dropbox file. Try downloading from another device

  28. I would like to have the 42J pattern as I am ready to sew a bar that fits, not remake one from other sizes. Thank you very much and I appreciate your web site and all the work you have put into for the patterns.

  29. Thank you so much for this pattern! It was my first ever bra-sewing experience and although you have not finished the instruction posts as of my writing this, I found what you have done so far incredibly useful and so detailed! I hope you can sell the pattern in future or find some other way to get some return on your efforts. I would definitely recommend this pattern to others. It fits me quite well (for my first try!) and the style is exactly what I was looking for.

    1. Thank you, Jane! It’s so nice to read people find my website useful 🙂

  30. Hi,
    There a trick to printing past page one ? That is the only page that will print for me. Also, I am a size 38-40 DD and would that translate to a 38-40 E? Thank you for your help.

    1. Cheryl, check your printer settings before printing. Maybe you have set it to print one page only. Yes, 38-40DD would be 38-40E.

  31. I would really really love this in 46H UK size if possible please just starting sewing and will be my first ever bra attempt!! X

    1. Hello, Joanne. These sizes are not on my charts. And unfortunately, I don’t think they will be available for Maya.

  32. Hi
    I would love to be able to sew a bra in uk size 44J for my daughter as it is impossible to buy on from the high street for her. Could you please point me in the right direction of a good pattern, I would really like to surprise her.

    Many thanks


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